Mulligan’s Bauble

[This post is a response to the open call for minor artifacts and relics on Jeff’s Gameblog. I think I may have ignored some of the important instructions, but I enjoy how this one and the others turned out, so if Jeff can’t use them, I still like them. -StU]

Mulligan was a wizard consumed with regrets. Whenever faced with a difficult choice, he invariably came to believe that he made the wrong decision.

The Bauble is a crystal figure of Ouroboros, the serpent swallowing his own tail. The Bauble is about the circumfrence of a gold piece, and can easily be carried on the person, or on a chain around the neck, waist or other likely place.

Mulligan’s Bauble’s major power is activated when it is broken. Immediately upon breaking the bauble, the bearer will find himself or herself startled awake in the last place they slept—their bed or their campsite from the night before. Upon investigation, they will find that they are waking on the morning of the day they just experienced, having effectively “turned back time” for several hours. They will find that Mulligan’s Bauble is intact, wherever they had left it the previous night, as the breaking of the bauble never happend, or, perhaps, hasn’t happened yet.

The character will have vague memories of the “lost” time, but when (or, rather, IF) they come to the point where they made the decision that ended up causing them to active the bauble’s power, they will clearly know what action they took before.

Using such power is not without risks. Each time the bauble is used, roll a d10 and add one to the result for each time the bauble has been used by that character (a charitable DM might waive the roll for the first use). On a roll of 8 or higher, roll a d6  and consult the following table:

  1. The bauble is effective, but the bauble—still in the owner’s posession—is shattered and unusable.
  2. The bauble is effective, but the character loses a level
  3. The bauble is effective, but instead of awakening, the user is in an enchanted sleep, unable to be awakened by conventional means.
  4. The bauble is effective, but now the character is cursed to always repeat that same day (Groundhog Day-style)
  5. No time effect occurs, and the user is stricken in place as if by a Sleep spell.
  6. The character awakens one day in the *future*.

It is up to the game master to decide whether Mulligan’s Bauble can be activated accidentally (in combat, or due to a fall) or only intentionally (as with a word of command or the like combined with the smashing of the crystal).

Additionally, Mulligan’s Bauble confers the following powers when worn or carried:

2 X I (two minor benign powers)
1 X II (one major benign power)
2 X III (two minor malevolent effects)

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