Maybe the orc IS your sister!

As a grown up, this quality is till there. Because you still can look at these artifacts and ideas in the game and wonder how they got there, and you can wonder where they’re going to go. There’s this wonderful ambiguity, because you never know whether a thing will be lightly passed over: (“The Orc has the same tattoo as your sister” “Oh yeah? Woody Woodpecker with a cigar?”) or whether it will open a door that just keeps going: (“The Orc has the same tattoo as your sister”“Holy shit, we’d better bring this body to her and see what she says”. “Maybe the Orc IS your sister!”) Is it deep, is it shallow? Does it mean something? Is it just crazy? Is it both? Is it always both? The sense of Wonder in Wonderland comes from Wondering.

Playing D&D With Porn Stars: Bronze Age Borderland

Great post from Zak about D&D, comics, and the uncanny.

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